Merchant Catalogs - The Digital Catalog Solution

Transform your existing print catalog into a compelling digital solution that triggers the shopping experience with just one click. Increase your catalog’s reach and exposure dramatically while significantly reducing or eliminating “print and post” costs. Merchant Catalog delivers a multi-channel experience in a single content-rich and consumer-friendly location.

  • Convert Catalog Viewers Into Shoppers by linking your catalog directly to your ecommerce website.
  • Tap the Broad Reach of Digital Media by distributing your digital catalog across Web, Mobile, Search, Social, Blogs and Email blasts. Integrate with your other marketing efforts.
  • Mobile Catalog allows your busy, on-the-go customer to access your products anywhere and anytime. We can also create a downloadable iOS/Android app that further builds customer loyalty.
  • Deliver a Richer Shopping Experience through embedded video, shopping cart tagging, ecommerce linkage and integrated social media and blog feeds.
  • Create Customized Catalogs Tailored to Different Audiences through our PubStand, a searchable web-based library. You can cost effectively create and distribute multiple catalog versions based on content, category, consumer interest, seasonality, etc.
  • Collect Registration & Lead Generation Data directly from your digital catalog to grow your marketing database. The data can be used to re-target, generate key demographic data and categorize customer profiles.
  • Reporting & Analytics showing interest and engagement metrics such as page-views and clicks for your catalogs + creating consumer behavior models.
  • Affordable Pricing Contact us for pricing - email or call (475) 231-7716.
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