Digital Magazine Apps

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Digital Magazine Apps

Digital Magazine Apps for iOS and Android Devices

We understand that your customers are always on the go, and that's why we have taken PageTurnPro mobile.

You can choose PageTurnPro to give your readers an amazing magazine reading experience on iPhone, iPad, & all other mobile devices. We create well-designed & highly compatible digital magazine apps so that you can reach a wider audience available on mobile.

Our Digital Magazine Apps are a great way of making sure that your readers stay connected to your publications even when they are on the go. Our apps are cross-platform and can be viewed on any iOS or Android mobile device. We also understand that our customers may have different needs, which is why we have created various kinds of Android & Apple magazine apps for you to choose from.

PageTurnPro offers Four Types of Apps to Meet Various Requirements of Different Publishers

PageTurnPro Basic App

1. The PageTurnPro Basic App

This is a customized magazine reader App. Offers a library view of the publication along with a download and online view options. The other features include Page Flipping, Zoom Option, Search, Video Integration, Advertising Placement, Social Bookmarking etc. Few other features like In-App Purchase, Single Issue Purchase, and Auto Renewal Subscription Options can be incorporated on demand.

The PageTurnPro Newsstand App

2. The PageTurnPro Newsstand App

This is an iOS compatible magazine App, it places your magazine in Apple and Google News and is better suited for auto-renewal subscription. Besides the regular reading features, this app also includes uninterrupted downloading, new content notifications, continuous updating of the Icon and in-app purchase and many other features.

The PageTurnPro Integrated App

3. The PageTurnPro Integrated App

This app as the name suggests provides a heightened level of interactivity. The crowning feature of the app is the RSS feed integration which allows you to pull specific parts/articles of your publication and display it on the front end across customizable tabs (such as "Top Stories", "News", "Videos" and so on.). It also allows for Ad Placement, multiple level of menu, horizontal and vertical scroll, sharing, social bookmarking etc.

The PageTurnPro E-Pubstand

4. The PageTurnPro E-Pubstand

If you have not yet decided on what app to pick, you can choose to display your publication in the E-Pubstand! Simply check a box in the publication features and your publication displays in our E-Pubstand under the category you select.

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