Digital Publishing

Be Everywhere... Instantly.
Digital Publishing is all about being where your customers are. Reach your target audience on their desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. How important is that?

By 2014 there will be 2 billion personal computers in the world.

  • There are 4 billion mobile phone users in the world – and in more developed countries users are migrating to smart phones at lightning fast speeds.
  • The use of tablet devices is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years. In fact, some say tablets will replace laptops as the portable computer of choice within the next 5 years.

Can you afford not to be in front of this audience? Learn more about our self-service platform and full service solutions and see which is the right one for you.

Wave of the Future
Depending on your business, having a digital strategy may be helpful or vital to your survival. Publishers are finding that digital products are the highest growth area for readership and revenue. And while we believe print publishing is alive and well, there is no doubt that digital communication will have a larger role in the future than it does today.

Cost Savings
Digital publishing is way to reach more people for less money. Printing costs have been relatively stable for the past two years but prices will rise as the economy recovers and inflation picks up. Postage costs increase every year. Think of the savings you could achieve if you did not have to print or mail your product.

How powerful is it to be able to show a reader something and then given them immediate access to buy it? How much more compelling is a publication when it includes videos and dynamic images? What if your publication included a form so you could capture data online, in real time? All of these things are simple and inexpensive via digital publishing. Think about how beneficial this would be to any advertisers in your publication.

In addition, because there is no cost to publish more digital pages with PageTurnPro, many publishers design specifically for the online audience, with larger fonts, more photos and more opportunities for the reader to engage. No doubt, readers will spend more time with a publication that offers them easy navigation and a compelling visual presentation.

Updates and Changes
Have you ever printed something and needed to make a change before you even mailed it? With digital publishing you can make changes any or every day – for free. Whether it’s a typo, an omission or changes in catalogue offerings or prices, it is quick, easy and free on PageTurnPro. And of course, access to your audience via your Website or email is free or the costs are nominal.

In about the time it takes to heat up a TV dinner or make a pot of coffee, you can create a digital edition on PageTurnPro and make it available to your audience. That means you can be in front of your target audience on multiple platforms in minutes.

Fast, flexible, engaging, inexpensive, technology of the future and access to the world: these are characteristics of digital publishing.

Give PageTurnPro a try. Its free. Contact Us by email or call us at 888-270-7675 to tell us about your digital publishing needs and and we will be glad to help get started with your account.
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