The Perfect Cloud-Based Repository

for Magazines, Ebooks, Whitepapers, Catalogs, and Reports

  • Provide secure access - (https://) to your customers, prospects, and partners
  • Customizable look and feel - match your brand colors and add your logo
  • Responsive UI - for all devices
  • Great user experience - easy to organize, navigate and search

Example Use Cases

Sales & Marketing - A leading manufacturer manages all catalogs, product sheets, presentations and collateral in a single digital library.

Control Access, Capture Leads, Manage Lists & more...

features to help you manage your content, users, and process

  • Control Access - e.g., Open for all, Registration required, by Invitation Only
  • Capture Leads - from registration forms
  • Manage Lists - e.g., registered users, customers, partners
  • Collaborate & Share - back-end permissions levels include manage, edit, view-only

Example Use Cases

Quarterly Management Reports - Client uses the Invite only approach for distribution of management summary to selected executives globally.

Reporting & Analytics You Can Use

  • User Level Analytics - showing visits, page views, clicks, downloads, and request-for-information
  • Publication Level Analytics - showing which users have accessed and how they have engaged
  • Registration - (Lead) Reports
  • RFQ Reports - for catalogs and services offering publications

Example Use Cases

Catalog Marketing - A major enterprise software company uses the digital library analytics to track catalog-downloads, request-for-information and request for quotes.

Integrate With Your Business Applications

for Internal Users, Customers and Prospects

  • Integrate with your PDF - repository and automate your publishing workflow
  • Integrate in minutes - with Google Analytics, HubSpot, Act-On,, MailChimp and more.
  • Custom integrations - available with ERP, and CRM systems such as Oracle, SAP, SAGE
  • Deploy Chatbots - from leading providers

Example Use Cases

CRM Integration - Capture and post events such as new registrations, request for quotes, downloads directly to, Act-On, Eloqua, HubSpot and popular business applications.
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