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Digital Edition

What are Digital Editions?

Digital Editions are online versions of print publications or sometimes they are simply publications developed specifically to be viewed in a digital format. Digital editions include magazines, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, annual reports, white papers, case studies, and more.

With print and postage rates climbing and an increasing audience of readers looking for their content on the Internet, digital editions are getting popular in the publishing industry.

There are a variety of options for publishers who want to create a digital edition. Some vendors provide a high service model, where publishers can simply send a PDF and detailed instructions to their vendor. The vendor then creates the digital edition from scratch and provides a high quality product the publisher can offer its readers. Unfortunately, high service comes at a high price. This kind of vendor is ideal for a company with a big budget and no time to get involved in creating a digital edition.

Digital Edition

Other digital edition vendors offer software for sale or very low option self-serve models for creating digital editions. These vendors do not offer many options but their price can be very compelling. Some solutions require the publisher to place the publication on the vendor’s site but for a publisher who needs nothing but a basic flash version of its print edition and where security is not a concern, these products may be ideal.

Why Choose PageTurnPro Digital Edition Platform?

PageTurnPro developed a digital edition platform that tries to capture the need of many publishers to create digital editions with lots of features but without the high cost. Using a highly intuitive self serve model, publishers can create their own digital editions in about five minutes with PageTurnPro. They can select from a variety of different viewers, add links, brand their page and insert static or video images and ads inside and around the digital edition, among many other options. Online reports track reader activity so publishers can assess the effectiveness of their digital edition.

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