Digital Catalog Solution

  • Connect your catalog with your online store
  • Make your catalog more accessible
  • Make your catalog more shareable
  • Integrate GA-HubSpot-ActOn
Digital Catalog

Digital Catalog Software

Use PageTurnPro digital catalog software to convert a simple PDF to a professional catalog to get more clients and business. Include interactive videos, pop-ups, clickable links to product listings, shopping cart, request for quote button, and photo galleries. Integrate CRM platforms & marketing automation software programs like Act-On.

Boost Your Sales and Orders with a Digital Catalog

Digital catalogs offer more than just a great way to display your products. With the help of it, you can attract more customers, widen your reach, and increase your profits. You can capture qualified leads as well as lead source.

Create a powerful and engaging digital catalog with PageTurnPro quickly.

Boost Your Sales

How to Create a Digital Catalog?

Upload Your PDF(s)
Step 1 – Upload Your PDF(s)

Upload your PDF(s) and PageTurnPro will convert into a digital catalog quickly.

Step 2 – Branding

You can do branding of your digital catalog by adding your company logo, choosing color palette, and customizing the theme and background that suit your brand.

Add Rich Media
Step 3 – Add Rich Media

You can add rich media to make your digital more engaging and interactive. You can add videos, pop-ups, links to product listings, and more.

Step 4 – Share

Share your digital catalog via email to your target audiences or embed it on your website. Further, share it on social media.

Features of Digital Catalogs

Track the Performance
Track the Performance of Your Catalog

Find out which products get the most views and which get the least. Discover which is your top-selling product. Track the performance of your catalog by and large. Use this data to improve your catalog.

Share via a Direct Link
Share via a Direct Link

People today are cautious about email attachments. With PageTurnPro, you can share your digital catalog via a direct link. Further, it doesn’t matter what the size of your catalog is, it will open fast and easy on every device. No 3rd party plug-in is needed to view your catalog.

Improve Your Sales
Improve Your Sales

You can make pop-ups of your every product and include photos and videos in your digital catalog. You can add external links that point to your product website so as to enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

Smart Navigation Controls
Smart Navigation Controls

Are you dealing with a large catalog, i.e., hundreds of pages? No issue! With PageTurnPro smart navigation controls such as Table of Contents (TOC), highlighted text search, and thumbnails your clients will easily find what they look for.

Mobile Friendly
Mobile Friendly

Your digital catalog will always be in the palm of your hands. It will work on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and more so that you can view it whenever and wherever you want.

Easily Scalable
Easily Scalable

As your business grows and the number of products increases, you can easily expand your catalog with our online web catalog software. It is fast, simple, and convenient!

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