Digital Catalogs with Tabs and Navigation Controls

If your digital publication is large, i.e., hundreds of pages, then you must consider the convenience of a digital catalog with tabs. It is a powerful upgrade in user experience. Digital tabs reduce (dramatically) the number of page turns for the user to get to the content of their interest.
To see real live examples of Digital Catalogs with Tabs and Navigation Controls – click here.

Some key options of our Digital Catalog solution:

  • Tabs available at 2 levels - Horizontal and/or Vertical orientation
  • Hard cover (optional)
  • Table of contents linking
  • Custom page numbering - Restart at every section or sub-section level if needed
  • Custom (user friendly) page index, download, and print feature
  • Linking of items in TOCs to corresponding internal pages
  • Custom form (e.g., request more information, price quote request)
  • Social Commenting and bookmarking
  • Shopping Cart and Ecommerce
Custom Solutions for Digital Publishers

  1. Large digital publications with hundreds of pages
  2. Product Catalogs
  3. Digital publications with distinct sections targeted to different user groups
  4. Add, delete or update pages at a section level without disrupting page numbering of the entire publication
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