Why Choose PageTurnPro to Create a Digital Magazine?

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Create a Digital Magazine

In the age of YouTube and Vimeo videos, a lot of people still want to read. And you can engage them with help of a digital magazine. At the present, digital magazine is a multi-billion industry that keeps on growing. Giant publishers are generating billions through distribution and advertising revenue. As a matter of fact, anybody can create a digital magazine. If you think you have knowledge about any specific topic or subject and want to share your thoughts with the world, you can start your digital magazine. At present, the market is filled with digital magazines on subjects like gardening, sports, celebrity gossip, real estate, business & entrepreneurship, health & fitness, and more. In this write-up, we discuss step by step how to create a digital magazine and why choose PageTurnPro to do it.

Who is your target audience?

This is the foremost question that you should ask yourself when you want to start a digital magazine. You should have a clear understanding regarding for whom you are creating content and who are your potential subscribers. If you are starting a sports magazine, make sure you are creating content that will be admired by sports lovers. You should offer something resourceful to your niche that magnetizes them to read more of your content.

Whichever topic or subject you choose, stick to it and create regular content on it. You can choose whether you want to publish your digital magazine on a weekly or monthly basis. You can even choose to publish it bi-monthly. It doesn’t matter how often you wish to publish your magazine, just make sure to publish it on time in order not to disappoint your readers and customers.

How can you monetize your digital magazine?

It is considered good to think about generating revenue from your digital magazine as early as possible. You should look for options to monetize your magazine. The most common options available are subscriptions and ads.

You should understand the fact that people won’t subscribe to you unless you provide them with high-quality content. Therefore, focus on your content generation strategy. Hire a team of good content writers and editors.

You can entice your target audience by providing them with a preview of your content so that they subscribe to you to view the full content.

PageTurnPro lets you create an advertiser index so that you can generate ad revenue through your digital magazine.

How will you generate quality content?

As mentioned above, it is ideal to hire a team of good content writers and editors in order to publish quality content on a consistent basis. If you are planning to write all the content by yourself, make sure you have sufficient time to do it. A slight delay in publishing the issue of your magazine can disappoint your readers very much.

Further, it is not good to outsource your content generation work as maintaining consistent quality is a challenge in outsourcing.

Guest contributions are a good option to get content. Nevertheless, do quality checks of the guest contributions before getting them published in your digital magazine. When your digital magazine grows over time, you may even charge from guest contributors who are looking to grow their online presence.

Choose the best software to create a digital magazine – PageTurnPro

There are a number of software providers available on the internet that can help you create a digital magazine. However, we strongly recommend PageTurnPro. PageTurnPro is a popular digital publishing platform that is cost-effective and has advanced features.

PageTurnPro is very easy to use. Just upload the PDF files and it will convert into a great-looking digital magazine in just a matter of a few seconds. You can add videos, pop-ups, customized forms, HD images, and much more to your digital magazine to make it more entertaining and appealing for your customers.

You can choose the colors, themes, and layouts as per your wish.

PageTurnPro lets you track crucial metrics so that you can tailor your content and marketing strategies accordingly.

Are you ready to get started?

The above-mentioned tips and tricks can definitely help you to create a digital magazine. You can contact us today and find out how you can launch your digital magazine with ease. We are giving a 15 day free trial of our publishing software.