What is a digital flipbook?

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A lot of businesses have realized the power of digital fl

ipbooks and they are using it to boost their marketing and content strategy. However, still, they are not widespread, so a lot of people confuse them with the paper flipbooks that we used to play with in our childhood.
So, in this write-up, we are going to cover all the important information related to digital flipbooks.

What is a digital flipbook?

A digital flipbook is an HTML5 digital publication with a realistic page-turning effect. It can be used for advertising and marketing purposes, or for educational purposes. It can be created using a PDF and can be shared via multiple channels (social media, email, and direct link) or can be embedded into your website.

You can use a reputed digital flipbook maker like PageTurnPro to create your first flipbook.

How digital flipbooks are better than other digital formats?

There are a number of differences between digital flipbooks and other formats available in the market like Google Docs, PDFs, and more. The key difference is the ability to turn the pages of digital flipbooks like a real paper-printed book. However, there are certainly other differences that make digital flipbooks a cut above.


Digital flipbooks allow you to add multimedia elements like photos, videos, GIFs, hyperlinks, and animations into your book. This allows you to tell a story with more than just text. It gives you the ability to better engage your readers with your business.
Further, with tables of content, thumbnails, and highlighted text search, you can engage your readers by showing them exactly in no time what they are looking for.

Easy sharing

You can share your digital flipbook in multiple different ways. You can easily share it via email using a direct link without having to worry about large file sizes that may clog up your receiver’s inbox. You can also share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Further, you can embed it on your website, so that your site visitors can start engaging with it right off the bat.

Marketing and analytics tools

The digital flipbook format allows you to embed lead generation forms that help you capture qualified leads right within. Further, you can embed tools like HubSpot and Act-On to boost your marketing and sales capabilities.
The format allows you to track in real-time how users are engaging with your content. You can also find out about user demographics.

Content protection

Not every digital format can provide you with an extra level of content protection like digital flipbooks. The digital flipbook format enables you to protect your content with several customized security settings. You can limit its sharing and downloading by disabling the sharing and downloading buttons. Further, you can restrict unauthorized access by protecting it with a username/password.

You can also make your flipbooks private if you want.

Search engine optimization

You can also search engine optimize your flipbooks in order to give them maximum exposure. You can optimize Titles, meta descriptions, etc. of your flipbooks so that web crawlers can quickly crawl and index them.

Customization and branding

You can make your flipbook a great representation of your brand with the help of a custom background, color palette, favicon, and clickable logo of your company. You can also choose to set up your custom domain.
What are the businesses that can use digital flipbooks?

Literally, any type of business that uses PDFs can benefit from flipbooks. However, some of the prominent ones are:

• Real estate
• Education
• Marketing
• Hospitality
• Manufacturing
• Finance & more…

What types of documents can benefit from the digital flipbook format?

The digital flipbook format can benefit the below-given documents:

• Magazines
• Catalogs
• Newsletters
• Brochures
• Presentations
• Portfolios
• Business reports & more…

Final words

You may be thinking that it may be tough to create a digital flipbook keeping in view the enormous benefits it offers. However, it is quite easy to create a digital flipbook with a high-quality digital flipbook software solution like PageTurnPro. Just upload the PDF file into PageTurnPro and see the magic happen in just a few minutes. Afterward, you can customize it and share it freely!

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