Use PageTurnPro to Digitize Your Books

by Admin

Digitize your books

After the COVID19 pandemic, schools and colleges have seen a paradigm shift in the way they function. Unlike the traditional way of teaching students in brick and mortar establishments, institutions have turned online and teaching their students remotely. 

In this changing environment, the digitization of books has become a need of the hour.

What Do You Understand By Digitization of Books?

To put it simply, to digitize a book is to convert it into a digital format so that it can be accessed on various devices like computers and smartphones and can be shared on different online channels.

What are the Benefits of Book Digitization? 

Free Space

In the past, storing books was a challenge and most libraries of educational institutions were forced to store these books in limited space. Digitizing books frees up space within libraries as they no longer need to keep hard copies around. Libraries can now store more books digitally, which makes it easier for people to get the information they want, when they want it. 

Ease of Access

Digitizing books also makes them easy to access and use. With traditional books, you would need to go through a step-by-step process before you could read a specific book. You would need to look for and find the book you wanted, open it up and then start reading. But this is not the case with digital books. In fact, you can instantly access any book within seconds by simply searching for the book and also easily search within the book and go to any page or topic by smart navigation controls. 

Save Money 

With book digitization, you can save a lot of money. You do not have to deal with rising paper and printing costs. Further, you do not have to spend money on physical storage. You only have to spend a small amount of money on a digital publishing solution. 

Save Trees

Publishing digitally also helps in saving trees because it does not require paper for printing books. As now people can access ebooks from their smartphones and laptops, the dependence on traditional paper printed books has significantly reduced, which helps in saving thousands of trees every year. It is no surprise that many environmentalists support digital publishing over print publishing because it saves trees from being cut down for paper production. 

Simple to Edit

It’s easy to modify content in the digital format, so you can keep your content fresh and up to date. You can make changes at any time and then republish.

Final Words

Book digitization has become very important in the present time. With book digitization, you can save money, save space, improve access and distribution, while being environment friendly at the same time. As a forward-thinking educational institution, you can deal with every challenge that might come in your way by going online and digitizing your books. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with PageTurnPro now and explore the possible scenarios.