Track The Performance of Your Flipbooks with Pageturnpro

by Admin

Flpbook Tracking

PageTurnPro lets you assess how your flipbooks are performing on the web. It lets you discover all the useful stats. You have to select a period of which you want to get the stats of your flipbook. You can find out visitor activity summaries such as total visits, page views, etc. Further, you can find out about operating systems, browsers, and page overviews. You can even find out the total number of downloads, prints, and shares of your flipbook.

If you are running ads in your flipbook, you can find which ad caught the interest of your readers and gets the most clicks.

In a nutshell, you can evaluate your flipbook’s performance with the help of below-given stats:

Visitors: shows the total no. of visitors that opened the link of your flipbook.
Page views: the total no. of times the pages of your flipbook are read.
Downloads: reveals the total no. of times your flipbook is downloaded or a page at least.
Prints: shows the total no. of times your flipbook is printed or a page at least.
Shares: shows the total no. of times the share button is clicked.

You can also embed Google Analytics in your flipbook with PageTurnPro page flipping software and find out how your readers are interacting with your content in a deeper and more comprehensive manner.

You can download all the reports and stats in nicely formatted, ready-to-use PDF or excel files with the click of a button.