Top 5 Digital Publishing Trends 2022

by Admin

Digital Publishing

Digital publishing is a revolution that has changed the face of the publishing industry. We are now in an age where new content is created and published more quickly than ever before, and there are many innovative digital publishing platforms like PageTurnPro that have emerged to support this growth. 

The pandemic has fast accelerated the already rising usage of digital media. Traditional publishers are experimenting with new business models, while self-publishing authors are developing innovative ways to reach readers. Understanding the current trends can help a publisher or business owner to make educated decisions about how to break into the market. 

Here is a look at some of the latest trends in digital publishing today. 

  1. Digital-first publications

With the rise of digital publishing, many publications have switched to a digital-first format. Instead of waiting for the print version to come out before releasing content online, they publish articles as soon as they are ready to go. Today, even the worldwide popular publishing houses are using this approach and because of it, their online audience has grown manifolds. 

  1. The rise of interactive content

Readers want more than just plain words on a page when they are reading digitally—they want rich media like video and audio that keep them engaged while they are consuming content. Publishers are moving away from static text and images because they know readers won’t take the time to read through long articles. By including interactive elements in published content, publishers can keep users engaged with their brand longer.

  1. Mobile optimized content

It is no secret that users today consume most of their media on mobile phones like smartphones and tablets. More than 3 billion smartphone users already exist in the world. Not to mention, you will seriously lose a huge amount of traffic if you do not make your content mobile optimized. 

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  1. Deep linking

Deep linking, or linking directly to content within an app, is becoming a huge part of the way we consume content on mobile devices. From Pinterest and Instagram to Flipboard and Spotify, deep linking has become more and more prevalent. We expect to see a lot more focus on this functionality in the coming years, as more developers integrate deep links into their apps and want to expand their reach.

  1. Micro-blogging

People nowadays want short and crisp pieces of information and this thing can be greatly delivered with the help of micro-blogging. Unlike traditional blogging, micro-blogging fits better in this fast-paced world. With micro-blogging, you can engage more audience with short interactions. The most common micro-blogging platforms are Twitter, Tumblr, Medium, Facebook, and more. The trend of micro-blogging is only going to rise in future.