The rise of Interactive Content 2022

Without a doubt, ‘content is king’. With the help of quality content, you can improve your sales, gather more clients, enhance your brand awareness, and do much more. Unfortunately, there is a plethora of web content getting posted on a daily basis. As a result, it becomes tough to stand out from the rest and make a mark. 

To be at the top, web content marketers should always look for new content marketing techniques to make their marketing campaigns more effective and productive. Today is the time of interactive content.

Digital Flipbook

What is interactive content?

Interactive content is different from the usual content in the way that it also encourages user participation. It engages people and encourages them to click, hover, fill a form, answer questions, tick in a box, etc. 

This type of content is more fun and makes people a bit longer to stay on your content. Not to mention, if they stay longer the chances of sales will also be increased significantly. 

You can also personalize the experience of your users with interactive content.

Examples of interactive content 

Interactive content is becoming a more common medium for brands to use. It’s no longer just a fun way to engage consumers, but also a powerful way to educate and sell. According to a study by AdWeek, 74% of marketers plan on increasing their use of interactive content and two-thirds of marketers say that interactive content has increased brand awareness.

Some examples include:

Animated videos

These are not just regular videos with animation overlaid, but full animations that tell an entire story or explain a concept or process. They are popular because they allow you to convey complex ideas in a simple manner that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Interactive quizzes

Quizzes have been around for years, but interactive quizzes take this concept one step further by giving users different routes through the quiz depending on their answers and allowing them to see the results immediately after completing it. This keeps people engaged as there is always something new for them to try out the next time they visit your site which increases the likelihood that they will share it with friends and family members who may not have seen it yet.

Interactive infographics

Infographics are another type of interactive content that allows users to interact with the data presented through visualizations in the form of charts, maps, and tables. Infographics show complex data in a simple and easy-to-understand format.  Today, interactive or animated infographics are an important part of content marketing strategies. 

Digital flipbooks

Digital flipbooks are a great way to present your content to your users. They can be used as interactive digital magazines, digital newspapers, digital brochures, digital catalogs, and more. They are easy to create with a reputed digital publishing platform like PageTurnPro. To create a digital flipbook, all you need is a PDF file. You can upload it on PageTurnPro and it will transform into a digital flipbook in no time. You can embed GIFs, videos, images, etc. in your flipbook to make it more fun and engaging.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, interactive content is an important marketing tool that can help you engage with your audience, educate them, and build trust with them. It is also a great way to get more value out of your content by making it more shareable and engaging for readers.

Interactive content is all over the place these days. Consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to a faster-paced and fun way of consuming media. If you want to add flipbooks to your interactive content strategy, you can contact PageTurnPro. PageTurnPro offers a 15-day free trial.