The rise of digital publishing: It is high time to go digital!

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Digital Publishing

Without a doubt, we have seen significant growth in the digital publishing market in the last few years. More people around the world now engage with digital content on a daily basis. This growth trend is likely to continue in upcoming years as the market of digital publishing is forecast to reach around USD 58 Billion by 2027 (source Statista).

What is digital publishing?

Digital publishing is the procedure of creating content that can be accessed through electronic devices like computers or mobile phones. The content may be text, images, or animation. It can also include audio & video content.

Below are a few factors that lead to the rise of digital publishing:

1. More people want to read digital content now

The first factor is that there are more people who would like to read content online. People are more willing to pay for digital content than they have been in the past. This is because people can now access information around the clock, even while they are away from home or the workplace.

2. Anyone can create digital content

The second factor that contributes to the growth of digital publishing is the ability of anybody who has access to the internet to create their own professional digital publication without having to know any technical things. Online publishing platforms such as PageTurnPro allow anyone who wants to publish an engaging magazine or other types of document with little effort and without burning a hole in the pocket.

3. Availability of free digital content

The third factor that contributes to the growth of digital publishing is that there are more companies and individuals offering online content free of cost. Companies such as Facebook and YouTube allow their users to upload videos and share them with other users on the web. As these companies gain popularity, so will their users and their content.

4. COVID19

Not to mention, we have witnessed the majority of countries take strict measures to curb the spread of the virus. As a result, schools and colleges were shut during the time of the pandemic. These institutions were compelled to launch digital courses in order to keep the study going. Today, educational institutions are open, but the demand for online courses that were accelerated during that time is still growing.

5. The rapid increase of mobile internet usage

Talking about the present, mobile internet users are growing at a rapid pace. Out of 5 billion internet users across the world in the present year, more than 50 percent access the internet through their mobile phones (source Statista).

This growth has led to the consumption of digital content easier on the go. Now, people can literally carry the world of digital publishing in their pockets.


The digital publishing industry is a growing one, with numerous new entrants and established players. If you want to join this digital bandwagon in an effective manner, you can use PageTurnPro digital publishing platform.

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