Search Engine Optimize Your Digital Flipbooks with PageTurnPro

by Admin

Apart from websites, blogs, and articles, search engine optimization can also be applied to digital flipbooks. With the help of PageTurnPro you can create SEO-boosted flipbooks that rank well on Google and other search engines.

Not to mention, if your content ranks on top of the search engine result pages, it will garner more clients and revenue for your business. With PageTurnPro digital publishing platform, you can also embed your flipbooks on your website and drive traffic directly to your brand.

With PageTurnPro’s SEO feature, you can create meta titles and descriptions for your digital flipbooks. Further, you can add keywords to your flipbook.

PageTurnPro digital publishing software also lets you create custom domains for your flipbooks. You can add keywords to your custom domain to get SEO benefits.

You can also do internal linking in your flipbooks which is an effective SEO strategy with the help of the embed hyperlink feature and a clickable table of contents.

Are you ready to get started?

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