Place Ads in Your Flipbook with Pageturnpro

by Admin

PageTurnPro allows you to embed banner ads in your flipbook. The process of adding banner ads is simple and quick. You can add standard IAB format ads – skyscrapers and leaderboards. Your ads will be displayed beside the first page of your flipbook so that they can gather maximum attention.

You can use these banner ads for a variety of purposes, including:

  • To drive traffic to the ad’s proprietary website
  • To enhance brand awareness
  • To highlight important content
  • To promote new products & services
  • To generate revenue for your business

How to create an effective banner ad?

There are certain things to keep in mind in order to create a high-performing banner ad.

1. Add a CTA: You can incorporate a CTA or call to action such as “Discover More” or “Get Started” to arouse the interest of your users about your product or service.

2. Add your logo: A logo sets you apart from your competition and it is the foundation of your brand’s recognition. You need to incorporate your brand’s logo in your ad.

3. Sprinkle keywords: Keywords not only give you SEO benefits but also they help you get the attention of your users. Use keywords like “award-winning”, “top-notch”, etc.

4. Keep things concise: Do not crowd your ad with a lot of information. Keep things simple and concise. Use a short sentence, an image, and a call to action.

Below is the video of how you can place ads in your flipbook with PageTurnPro: