Make your first digital flipbook with PageTurnPro

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Digital Flipbook

A digital flipbook is a unique digital experience that simulates the feeling of flipping the pages of a real book. This unique reading experience helps you to improve your user engagement and content performance.

You can use your flipbook for displaying digital magazines, digital catalogs, digital brochures, digital flyers, digital newsletters, and more. They can be viewed on all devices, operating systems, and browsers.

Digital flipbooks are common in the industries like publishing, education, marketing, real estate, etc. where visual content plays a significant role in communicating information and engaging clients.

You can create your first digital flipbook from your PDF(s) with PageTurnPro easily and quickly.

There are only 4 steps involved in making your flipbook.

• Upload your PDF(s) in PageTurnPro
• Add rich media elements
• Personalize your flipbook
• Share it with your clients

1. Upload your PDF(s) in PageTurnPro

In order to create your first digital flipbook you need to upload your PDF(s) in PageTurnPro. PageTurnPro will magically convert your PDF file into an HTML5 digital flipbook that will look and work great on all devices. The conversion time typically depends on the size of your PDF file.

2. Add rich media elements

You can add rich media elements to your flipbook such as animations, videos, GIFs, and more. You can also integrate pop-ups into your flipbook to highlight significant content and offers. PageTurnPro also allows you to link your content to internal and external resources.

3. Personalize your flipbook

You can personalize your flipbook as per your preferences and branding requirements. You can choose a color palette, set a background image, and do much more. You can also incorporate your favicon and logo into your flipbook.

4. Share it with your clients

You can share your flipbook with your clients via a direct link or social media channels. You can also embed it in your website for maximum exposure.

Are you ready to get started?

With PageTurnPro, you can also secure your flipbook with a password and monitor its performance in real-time. There are some more cool features that you should check out.
PageTurnPro now offers a 15-day free trial!