How to promote your new product: A few tips!

by Admin

If you are planning to launch your new product, you should know how important is to effectively promote it. If you fail to do it right, you would definitely miss a lot of business opportunities and sales down the line. Coupons, discounts, free-of-cost samples, and flash sales are some of the popular product promotion tactics used in the market. However, what are the other things you can do to promote your new product? Let’s discuss.

1. Test Your Product before Launch Day

Test runs are significant for any new product launch, even if you are launching a simple widget! Before you launch your new widget (or before you even decide on one), test it out on a few friends or family members first to see how they react and if there are any issues with its functionality or design that need fixing before the official launch day comes.

2. Ask for Feedback

The best way to get feedback on your product is by asking. You can ask customers in person, or you can ask them on the Internet. Many companies post polls on their websites where users can vote on a new product they would like to see launched. You could also use social media to ask your followers what they think of the idea.

3. Get Social Media Support

Social media is one of the finest ways to get support from your target audience and let them know about your new product. Try posting pictures and videos of the new product, then tag it with “#newproduct” so people will be more likely to click through and see it. You can also mention other products in the same line as yours that are already successful, so people will be more likely to purchase your new product as well!

4. Customer Reviews

In the present time, when a lot of people like to read reviews on the web prior to buying any product or service, you can’t overlook them. As a matter of fact, encouraging customers to leave positive reviews for your product can boost your sales. Not to mention, people trust online reviews a lot nowadays. You can give them discounts in exchange for leaving reviews for your product. This way you can generate a lot of organic reviews.

5. Email Campaigns

Use email campaigns to promote your product. It is a very effective promotion method. However, make sure you do not send emails only to sell your products. Instead, try to offer your subscribers valuable content and educate them about your brand and products.

Further, an email is a great way to promote present and upcoming offers on your products. For instance, you can inform your users about clearance sales happening in your store or on your website.

Bonus tip:

Free eBook

Without a doubt, a free eBook that is interesting and contains valuable information can attract a lot of potential customers. You can offer it for free in exchange for a newsletter subscription, contact information, etc.

You can use PageTurnPro to create an interesting eBook in the form of a digital flipbook in no time. Digital flipbooks are interesting to read as their pages can be flipped like paper books. Further, you can add videos, pictures, animations, hyperlinks, and pop-ups to your digital flipbook.

PageTurnPro offers advanced analytics tools that can help you find out which pages and content of your eBook get the most attention from your users. This data can help you personalize your email campaigns.