How to Create The Perfect Digital Catalog

by Admin

What is a digital catalog?

A digital catalog is a digital version of a printed catalog. It has a similar layout and design as the printed version. It is an HTML5 file that contains several pages with images, descriptions, prices and other information about a company’s products or services.

Digital catalogs are one of the most significant selling tools for many companies, as they increase brand reach and enable businesses to make more sales. 

What are the advantages of a digital catalog?

1) Easy shareable –

While paper catalogs may be easily lost or damaged, digital versions can be distributed to thousands of people in just a few minutes. They can also be sent via email or shared via social media websites. They can also be embedded in your website.

2) Saves Money –

You can save money on printing, packaging, and shipping costs associated with traditional print catalogs. You also save money on future updates that need to be made because all these changes can be made online instead of having the new catalog reprinted and distributed again which would incur further costs.

3) Increases Sales –

By providing photos, descriptions and prices in an easy-to-read format, you can help your customers make informed decisions about their purchases. This in turn increases your sales.

4) Environment-friendly –

Digital catalogs are much more environmentally friendly than traditional print catalogs. They involve no paper, ink or other materials that would otherwise end up in landfills or pollute the environment if they were used in print form.

5) Easy scalable –

Digital catalogs have no physical dimensions so they can easily contain as much information as needed. You can easily make a product catalog having thousands of pages/products without any hassles.

6) Boosts selling –

You can integrate a shopping cart in your digital catalog so that your customers can directly buy from your digital catalog quickly and effortlessly. 

How to create the perfect digital catalog?

Now that you have understood what is a digital catalog and what are the key advantages of having a digital catalog. It’s time to know how to create the perfect digital catalog

Identify your audience 

Before creating your digital catalog, it is important to identify your audience. You should know who you are going to target. If you are doing B2B, you should focus on characteristics, accurate data, and other technical stuff. And if you are doing B2C, you should make your catalog immersive and fun.

You should customize the look and feel of your catalog as per your target audience. 

Think about content first 

The overall design and layout should be completely driven by the product or service you are selling. Keep in mind that content is key, so make sure you have plenty of it. You should include crisp and effective product descriptions, front cover, back cover, etc.

Add branding

Include colors, company logo, and background that go with your brand so that your customers can instantly recognize you.

Make navigation simple

Don’t use complicated buttons or links that may confuse your readers. Rather include a table of contents (TOC), simple links, and more to make navigation simple for your customers. Try to organize your products by categories or characteristics.

Use high-quality images

You have heard it that a picture is worth a 1000 words. That’s why incorporating high-quality images into your digital catalogs are so important. After all, you want your customers to see how gorgeous your products are! Don’t skimp on quality when choosing them. You want them to be clear and crisp, not pixilated or blurry. Further, include multiple images for each product. Shoppers are more likely to purchase if they’re able to see the item from all angles.

Make it SEO friendly

Google is a major driving force for traffic and sales, therefore your titles and descriptions should be optimized for search engines. Don’t forget to add ALT tags to all images, as well as relevant keywords, but also make sure it flows naturally.

Make it all-device friendly

Your digital catalog should adapt to any screen size, automatically adjusting the layout in accordance with device size, platform and orientation.

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