How to Create an Effective Travel Brochure

by Admin

Whether you own a travel agency, a zoo, or a store, you need to improve your content marketing game to survive and thrive in the competitive tour and travel industry. Not to mention, the tour and travel industry have changed a lot since COVID-19. It will continue to evolve in the upcoming time, but travel businesses need to constantly advertise themselves in the latest and most effective way to be in the game. Today, digital travel brochures can be greatly helpful to attract new customers and present tourist places in style.

What is a travel brochure?

To put it simply, travel brochures are promotional publications that market particular destinations, hotels, restaurants, itineraries, tour packages, local sightseeing places, and more. Generally, these brochures are created by hoteliers, tour and travel agents, tourism companies, tour guides, etc.

Why should you make a digital travel brochure?

You can make a digital travel brochure to avail yourself of the benefits offered by digitization and the internet. A digital travel brochure is a collection of images, content, videos, links, GIFs, and more that is designed to showcase the beauty of a destination. It can be used for different purposes, for example, to promote tourism city tourism or to attract new visitors.

Further, a digital travel brochure is easy to share. It can be shared via email, on social media platforms, and via a direct link. It can also be embedded on a website.

Tips on creating an effective travel brochure:

Choose the right platform

First things first, you need to choose your platform wisely. We strongly recommend PageTurnPro to create your digital travel brochure. It has a user-friendly interface and has all the modern and engaging features such as multimedia embed, security, SEO, realistic page flipping effect, and more. It also offers a 15-day free trial.

Use captivating images

Use images that show off your destinations. To capture the attention of potential travelers, you will need to use images that show off your destinations to the fullest extent possible. Use pictures of exotic locations, interesting landmarks, and beautiful scenery to entice people into booking their next trip with you.
Further, create a video showing highlights of the city attractions in a fun way.

Choose a clean font, eye-catching header, and high-contrast colors

Use a clean, easy-to-read font for your travel brochure design. If you have a logo for your company, be sure to include it in the header of your brochure, website, and social media pages so people will know who you are. Use high-contrast colors and make sure that the text is easy to read from various angles. Further, the design of the brochure should look professional.

The header of a digital travel brochure should be bold and attention-grabbing as well as easy on the eyes. Try using images instead of text because this will help grab readers’ attention, especially if they don’t know much about tour destinations or what you offer before going through your brochure.

Write a crisp copy

Keep things simple with just enough information so that people know what they need without having to read through pages upon pages of text! Try using bullet points or numbered lists when possible so that visitors can quickly scan through them before moving to another page.

Further, try to include the given below points:
• Reviews
• Maps
• Nearby attractions
• Outdoor activities
• Climate

If you are ready to try your digital travel brochure, you can contact PageTurnPro today!