Enhance user experience and engage more audience with a flipbook builder

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Digital Flipbook

Without a doubt, things have rapidly changed a lot in a few years. If you closely observe around you, you can find out it is not the same world we were born into.

Technology has very much transformed everything from the way we used to communicate with people to the way business owners market and run their businesses.

Digitization has provided us with a lot of opportunities. Today, a small business owner has more tools and opportunities to grow and thrive as compared to he had in the past. With the help of an effective digital marketing strategy, a small business can turn into a big organization in no time.

Your digital content should be impressive because it represents most of your work. If you want to outshine the present bottleneck competition, you need to make your content stand out. When you present your content to your clients, patrons, potential clients, and the world, make sure you choose the right technology and the right platform.
You can choose a digital flipbook over a PDF file to make more impact with your digital content and to achieve more sales and business.

What is a digital flipbook?

It is an HTML5 document that mimics the page flipping effect of paper-based documents such as magazines, catalogs, certificates, and more.

You can convert a PDF file into an attractive digital flipbook using a flipbook builder. Not to mention, a PDF file has nothing amazing to offer besides endless scrolling and continuous panning and zooming to go through text and images. So, it’s a great idea to convert the PDF file into a digital flipbook to take the user experience to the next level.

How digital flipbooks can help your business?

1. Digital flipbooks can boost your user engagement with multimedia

Without a doubt, high-quality multimedia visuals like videos, images, animations, etc. are always better than a large chunk of plain text. In the present high-speed Internet era, more people would like to see HD visuals and it engages more people. A fine flipbook builder like PageTurnPro helps you easily add visuals such as videos, images, pop-ups, GIFs, animations, and more to your content.

2. Digital flipbooks can increase your reach with social media integration

Billions of people are on social media platforms today. Not to mention, with social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you can reach a lot of people that use these platforms on a daily basis. PageTurnPro has social media sharing buttons on each page of the flipbook so that readers can share whatever they find interesting. As a result, every piece of content of your flipbook has the potential to go viral and reach an unimaginable number of people.

3. Digital flipbooks can turn your users into paying clients

PageTurnPro allows you to add lead-generation forms to your flipbooks. With the help of lead generation forms, you can turn your users into paying clients. You can gather important information about your users like email addresses, contact numbers, company names, etc. so that you can directly approach them.


When you present your high-quality and relevant content in the form of digital flipbooks, it will surely engage more clients, which in turn improve your sales and business.
If you want to leverage the multifarious benefits of a digital flipbook, you can sign up for a free trial on PageTurnPro today!