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Embed Multimedia

PageTurnPro allows you to embed multimedia components such as videos, images, GIFs, hyperlinks, and pop-ups into your digital flipbooks. These multimedia components can help you create engaging and mesmerizing content for your business.


With the help of videos, you can educate your readers about your products or business or anything more easily as compared to text. Not to mention, in the present world of the 5G internet, more people like to see videos in digital publications. You can integrate YouTube and Vimeo videos using your video embed code. It’s fast and simple!


A picture says a thousand words! You can embed high-quality images in your content. You can add color & vibrancy to your content with the help of images.


You can add external and internal links to your publications. All the phone numbers, email addresses, and web addresses covered in your PDF will be automatically detected and hyperlinked. Further, with links, you can guide your users on where to purchase your products or services.


GIFs are easy to consume. They are a great alternative for short videos. You can use GIFs to provide your users with a 360-degree view of your product. You can also use them for visual explanations in training guides.


You can add pop-ups to your content to showcase your best products and unique selling points. They definitely generate excitement for your product.

Are you ready to get started?

You can create your digital flipbook enriched with multimedia components today with PageTurnPro. PageTurnPro now offers a 15-day free trial!