Ecommerce Is Growing In The World Of Digital Publishing

The digital publishing industry has been rapidly expanding, with many new publications coming online every day. As this growth continues, so too will the number of eCommerce outlets available to readers.

Ecommerce is now a major part of the publishing business, and it’s only going to get bigger over the next few years.

The reasons for this are simple. Ecommerce represents an opportunity for publishers to make more money than they could through traditional channels like subscriptions and ads alone.

ECommerce is growing in the world of digital publishing

ECommerce is growing in the world of digital publishing

Digital publishers are making more money from eCommerce than ever before, but the key is to know where to look for the most value.

Digital publishing is no longer just about producing content. Digital publishers can now include eCommerce features in their sites, which allow readers to order products directly from their favorite websites. This has led to a surge in revenue, with digital publishers generating as much as $36 billion in 2021 alone (source reportlinker).

The rise of eCommerce has been so dramatic that it’s now expected to drive 14% of all consumers’ spending. That’s why, it is crucial for digital publishers who want to maximize their profits from eCommerce to understand how it works and what areas they should target.

COVID19 has further sped up eCommerce

Nationwide lockdown restrictions have further compelled even the most reluctant online shoppers to buy things online and this has increased the business of eCommerce manifolds. Not to mention, the convenience provided by eCommerce later makes them voluntarily buy things online.

How digital publishers can make dollars from eCommerce?

The most popular ways digital publishers can make dollars from eCommerce are discussed below:

Affiliate marketing

Digital publishers can make a lot of money with the help of affiliate marketing which is an important part of eCommerce. Digital publishers can make easy money with affiliate links. Affiliate marketing involves selling of someone else’s products on the web for a commission.

When someone clicks on the embedded links, they are taken to another retailer’s website, and the digital publisher receives a commission against every sale.

Video Commerce

Videos now play an important role in the online retail space. As a digital publisher, you can create videos regarding how your products and services can be effective for your customers. Further, you can add purchase links in the captions of your videos or you can add links in the videos themselves.

Social media commerce

You can take advantage of social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to engage more customers and increase your brand value and engagement. You can boost your eCommerce by enabling your social media followers to make a purchase.

Further, with the help of social platforms, you can find out what your users are discussing and what are their feedbacks regarding your products and services.


You can implement paywalls to your publications to enhance your reach and boost your readership and sales. You can show a preview of your content and market them on social media platforms and encourage users to access full content by buying your subscription.

Final Words

ECommerce has indubitably a boon for online publishers. It has multiplied their revenue and also increases their reach.

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