Digital magazines v/s paper-printed magazines: Which is better?

by Admin

Digital magazines v/s paper-printed magazinesThere has been a constant debate since the inception of the internet and i.e. about digital magazines and print magazines, and which is better. Not to mention, both formats have their own unique features and set of audiences, but let’s accept the fact that after the pandemic we have seen a great dip in the sales of print magazines. Because of that a lot of publishers and businesses accept digitization and start publishing digital magazines. In this write-up, we talk more about the advantages offered by digital magazines and why you should embrace them being a modern publisher or business owner.

What is a digital magazine?

A digital magazine is an online version of a print magazine. You can access them through smartphones, tablets, and computers. Unlike print magazines, they are created particularly for online distribution and are usually available in a range of digital formats such as PDF, ePub, and HTML5.

A digital magazine typically contains the same content as a print magazine that includes articles, ads, pictures, and illustrations. Nevertheless, it can also have interactive components for instance videos, audio clips, pop-ups, hyperlinks, and GIFs.

Why more businesses are inclined toward digital magazines today?

Digital magazines are gaining popularity owing to their functionalities and ease of use. They are easy on the eyes, which makes the content more attractive and fun.

You can download the magazine on your phone and now the magazine is literally in your pocket. You can take it anywhere or read it on the go. On the other hand, print publications can only be read in a specific location, for instance the library or bookstore.

Digital magazines are also more interactive than print magazines. You can click through to different parts of the article at will, on the contrary with print magazines you have to wait until you come back to your table of contents.

Print publications do not have to be printed in full color to have visual appeal. Digital publications need to have full-color graphics so as to be attractive to readers and advertisers alike. The use of color in print publications is very expensive since it requires the use of expensive ink and paper that must be purchased separately.

Further, unlike print magazines, there are no printing and shipping costs involved with digital magazines. You can distribute digital magazines anywhere in the world without incurring considerable expenses.
Digital magazines also allow you to find out reader behavior and preferences with analytics tools like Google Analytics. This tracked data can help you to tailor your content as per the demands of your readers so as to achieve maximum user engagement and performance of your content.

The bottom line

Without a doubt, there are some great benefits offered by a digital magazine. It can bring you more business, readers, interactivity, accessibility, and environmental sustainability.

Sure, there are people who love the smell of ink and paper. They still want to read a print magazine. Nevertheless, one can’t ignore the fact that print magazines are slowly dying. So, it’s a great idea to embrace digital magazines.

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