Digital Library for Your Business

Digital Library

We’re willing to bet that you want your customers and prospects to read your white papers, case studies, and research reports. After all, you and your company invested significant time and effort to create something that is insightful and engaging for your prospects and customers. We’ll also wager that you have two distinct audiences, one being your team of colleagues, the other your clients and prospective customers. How do you make sure that both groups are reading the content you created for them?

It’s not enough to email PDFs to your staff, or to direct leads and clients to files embedded on your website. You need digital publishing, with all of your documents stored in one place. At PageTurnPro, we developed our Digital Library Solution as a smart digital repository to be used internally with your team and externally with clients and prospects. Today, we’re discussing how our digital library can be beneficial to you and your team.

Monitor Engagement
A common concern shared by many professionals is the inability to monitor engagement for important documents such as quarterly reports and market analyses. PDFs are limited in that they don’t provide you with any viewership statistics. With this in mind, we developed our solution to have traffic reporting that shows you who has viewed your publications, the number of views, and also number of clicks.

Trigger & Reminder Emails
Not only does our digital library allow you to see who has viewed the documents in your library, it also makes it easier than ever for you to send friendly reminders to those who haven’t opened them yet. In the backend, you’ll have access to send emails to your entire contact list or a select group of users. It’s the perfect way to notify everyone that the latest report has been posted, and also very helpful in gently nudging those who have been late to view.

Emailing PDFs of your latest reports is a hassle for your peers. Nobody wants to waste time digging through a crowded inbox to find a file. By storing all of your publications in one place, the digital library makes it convenient for everyone in your company to find and read company documents. For an even more organized experience, you can use tabs to organize documents by category.

Manage Access
We also understand that many of your documents may contain confidential information that should only be viewed by certain executives. Our solution offers you a few options for handling these type of documents. All of the publications in your library can be restricted, with access only permitted to a list of preset registered users. If you want some of the publications to be available to everyone at your company the library can public, but private reports can be stored in tabs that are only accessible to select users. These private tabs are only viewable after the approved users log in.

On the topic of confidential information, another benefits of our digital libraries is that they’re entirely web-based and secure, making them the perfect solution for storing classified materials.

This is only scratching the surface of the many benefit of using a digital library. Schedule a complimentary product demo for a more comprehensive look at our solution’s features and functionalities.

Wondering how could a digital library serve your needs? We’d be happy to brainstorm with you. Reach out for a free phone consultation, and follow our blog to learn more.