PageTurnPro lets you Convert your Digital Flipbook into a Lead Generation Motor

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After the pandemic, everything has changed and become digital. The way of communicating with people has changed forever. You need to count on digital platforms to connect with your friends, teammates, or even leads.

Nevertheless, digitization has brought great convenience to the lives of people. Your colleagues are just an online call away from you. You can spend more quality time with your dear ones and have meals together. You can work from the comfort of your home.

Let’s talk about leads. For some businesses capturing new leads has become quite a challenge when physical meetings are no longer taking place. Fortunately, you can better connect with your leads and generate more online with the help of PageTurnPro.

Make your content attractive

The foremost thing you need to do to capture qualified leads is to make your content attractive. You just have to upload your PDF(s) in PageTurnPro, and it will get converted into a powerful HTML5 flipping book. This is an automated process and consumes only a minute or two.

This flipping book resembles a traditional paper printed book as its pages can be literally flipped digitally. You can personalize it and share it via different means. You can engage your audience and establish a connection with them. It helps you to influence your potential leads.

Integrate a lead generation form

PageTurnPro lets you integrate a lead generation form right in your digital flipbook. Further, you can customize the lead generation form as per your business requirements. You can gather essential information about your prospects such as names, email addresses, contact numbers, company names, and much more with the help of a lead generation form.
PageTurnPro also allows you to show the preview of your content and make them fill the form to unlock the full content. It is an amazing way to make them register with you.

Follow leads

You have all the information regarding your leads on the stats page. You exactly know which pages and topics caught the interest of your leads. Further, you know which pages they have viewed the most and which pages they just skipped. When you have all the useful information at your disposal you can better follow up with them. And more importantly, there are higher chances that you can convert them into customers.

When all said and done, if you want to capture qualified leads within your online flipbook, then you can count on PageTurnPro.

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