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How to Use Flipbook Software to Bring Your Content to Life

by Admin

Flipbook Software

In the present time, the competition to grab the audience’s attention is intense because of the fact that the audience has become very much selective when it comes to engaging with content. Static content like plain documents is not enough to retain modern users’ attention. This is where flipbook software comes into play that can help you make your content … Read more

Make your first digital flipbook with PageTurnPro

by Admin

Digital Flipbook

A digital flipbook is a unique digital experience that simulates the feeling of flipping the pages of a real book. This unique reading experience helps you to improve your user engagement and content performance.

You can use your flipbook for displaying digital magazines, digital catalogs, digital brochures, digital flyers, digital newsletters, and more. They can be viewed on all devices, … Read more

Create an Engaging Pamphlet with PageTurnPro

by Admin

Digital Pamphlates

A pamphlet is a small book or brochure, usually containing information or arguments about a single subject. It typically has a compact size and is usually made of a single sheet of paper, folded into halves or thirds. Pamphlets are often used to promote a particular political, religious, or commercial viewpoint, or to explain a specific product or service. They … Read more

Create Responsive Digital Flipbooks with Pageturnpro

by Admin

Responsive Digital Flipbooks

People nowadays like to view content on the go using their mobile phones. They like to go through digital content anywhere scrolling the pages with their fingertips. Not to mention, HTML5 technology has helped digital publishers and business owners to create digital catalogs, digital magazines, digital newsletters, digital reports, and more.

You can create responsive and mobile-friendly HTML5 digital Read more

Embed Multimedia Components into Your Flipbooks – Pageturnpro

by Admin

Embed Multimedia

PageTurnPro allows you to embed multimedia components such as videos, images, GIFs, hyperlinks, and pop-ups into your digital flipbooks. These multimedia components can help you create engaging and mesmerizing content for your business.


With the help of videos, you can educate your readers about your products or business or anything more easily as compared to text. Not to mention, … Read more

Track The Performance of Your Flipbooks with Pageturnpro

by Admin

Flpbook Tracking

PageTurnPro lets you assess how your flipbooks are performing on the web. It lets you discover all the useful stats. You have to select a period of which you want to get the stats of your flipbook. You can find out visitor activity summaries such as total visits, page views, etc. Further, you can find out about operating systems, browsers, … Read more