Boost Your Reach with A Digital Catalog Using These 5 Tips

by Admin

Digital Catalog

A digital catalog is a tool that can help you increase the number of customers you have. It is a collection of information that you provide to your customers when they come in or call you. It’s a way for them to find out about your products, services, and other offerings.

A digital catalog is also an easy way for visitors to find out about your business and discover more about your company. If you have it, people will be able to see what your company offers from anywhere in the world. They can also check out the products or services you offer. The more people who visit your catalog, the more likely they are to buy from you!

You will be able to introduce yourself and show off your products without having to spend a lot of money on printing materials or even advertising campaigns that target specific demographics or interests.

The best part is that you don’t need any special equipment or skills to create a digital catalog. You can do it on any computer having access to the internet with PageTurnPro digital publishing platform. So it’s easy for anyone who wants one!

Here are 5 ways you can boost your reach with a catalog:

  1. Make a digital edition of your paper-printed catalog

If you are still using a paper-printed catalog, it’s high time to make a digital version of it. There is no point in using a print catalog in 2022. Not to mention, print catalogs demand a lot of designing, printing, and distribution costs. You can avoid these costs using a digital catalog. You can easily create a digital version of your catalog with PageTurnPro. PageTurnPro is a reputed digital publishing platform that can help you create effective and interactive digital catalogs within minutes. PageTurnPro is very easy to use and involves a drag-and-drop functionality. You need to upload your PDF and it will get converted into a digital catalog in a matter of a few minutes depending on your PDF file size.

The main problem with paper catalogs is that you can distribute those to only as many people as your budget allows. However, with digital versions of them, you can distribute them to a lot of people with only a fraction of the cost it would take to do with printed catalogs.

  1. Ensure your catalog is easy to find, both on your website and in search results

PageTurnPro allows you to embed your digital catalog on your website or online store using an embed code.

Also, include a link to your catalog in the footer or at the end of every page of your website. This will let people navigate back to it later if they need or want more information or details about what you’re offering.

Further, search engine optimization or SEO can help you find it easy on search engine results. PageTurnPro can help you build an SEO-friendly digital catalog. It means it will rank higher on popular search engine result pages. You can optimize the titles, descriptions, and URLs of your products so that they get easily crawled and indexed and rank well on SERPs.

  1. Make your catalog mobile-friendly

If your digital catalog is viewable on smartphones and tablets, you can easily open it up all the time and on the go. You can pull it up during a client meeting on your phone or anywhere you want. You can literally carry it in your pocket. PageTurnPro helps you make mobile-friendly catalog.

  1. Make it sharable

PageTurnPro allows you and your customers to share your catalog or your individual products with friends and family with a click of a button. You can share it socially on websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Further, you can share it via email and QR code. You can also share it via a direct link.

  1. Use the power of analytics

With the help of Google Analytics integration, you can track the performance of your catalog and individual products in real time. You can find out which links get the most clicks and which pages engaged your audience the most. Based on these metrics, you can reinforce your catalog and prepare your upcoming marketing campaigns for a better return on investment (ROI).