5 Benefits of Interactive Digital Magazines

by Admin

Interactive Digital Magazine

There is no reason left to still remain unconvinced that going digital isn’t beneficial. Without a doubt, the world is going digital. The usage of smartphones and laptops is growing every day. Every sector/industry is turning digital be it travel, hospitality, education, legal, manufacturing, and more. In the same manner, the publishing industry is also turning digital. Even if you are an advocate of traditional publishing, you can’t skip reality.

Today, more people are accepting digitization and switching to interactive digital magazines. They like to read their favorite magazines on their smartphones and laptops instead of waiting for paper magazines to come to their mailboxes.

What are interactive digital magazines?

Interactive digital magazines are the latest evolution in the magazine industry, combining the best of print and web-based content for readers. The most popular content can now be delivered straight to visitors’ tablets, smartphones and laptops with a single sweep of a finger. With interactive digital magazines, publishers can provide increased value at every stage of the customer journey.

Interactive digital magazines combine high production value and quality journalism, with interactive capabilities that enable readers to become active participants in the story.

What are the benefits of interactive digital magazines?

1) They are more engaging

Interactive digital magazines are produced to be more engaging and interactive. They are produced by the creation of digital pages and interactive text. The users can add links, images, videos, GIFs, and different types of interactivity that can make their digital magazine more engaging and attractive to the readers. They allow readers to comment on articles, share links with friends and family, and do much more.

2) Track user engagement

You can easily track how many people read each issue, what pages and ads get the most exposure, user demographics, which links get the most clicks, etc. via statistics from Google Analytics or similar tracking tools. This information will help you determine what stories are most popular with readers, so you can promote them more often in future issues.

3) Increase your sales

You can increase your sales by adding ‘shop now’ buttons to your content. Further, you can engage more readers by adding catchy titles, descriptions, and images. Your customers can directly buy your items from your digital magazine.

4) Collect more leads

You can collect more leads by integrating lead generation forms right into your digital magazine. You can make sure that more people will sign up when you do not redirect them to some other URL. PageTurnPro can help you integrate a lead gen form on any page of your magazine. Further, PageTurnPro lets you show a preview of your magazine so that it can attract more readers.

5) Better distribution

You can convert a PDF into an interactive digital magazine with PageTurnPro and make it more shareable. A PDF can only be embedded as a download link on a website. On the other hand, you can not only embed an interactive digital magazine on a webpage, but also you can share it on your social media pages having professional-looking previews. You can also share it via email or embed it in your email signature.

Final Words

Interactive digital magazines provide new and engaging ways to connect with readers. You can make your users spend more time on your content with the help of interactive elements. Further, you can increase your brand value and drive more sales & business using interactive digital magazines.

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