5 Advantages of using Digital Flipbooks for your Business

by Admin

If you’re a business owner and are looking for ways to get your information out there in a neat and engaging way, then flipbook should be your no.1 choice. They are in trend nowadays and help you communicate with your customers effectively. Further, digital flipbooks are packed with marketing tools that can power up your marketing efforts and help you reach more potential customers than ever before.

Digital Flipbooks

Why use digital flipbooks?

A digital flipbook is an online document that you can flip through like a regular book. You can embed videos, pictures, and other multimedia into it. Whether you want to display a catalog, brochure, magazine, or even a book, flipbooks let you get creative with your content.

Flipbooks allow you to reach a larger audience by putting your content in front of more people. You can send out an email blast to all of your subscribers or share it on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. You can even embed it on your website so it’s available 24/7 to anyone who visits. Digital flipbooks can be used for any type of business and will help build brand awareness while driving traffic back to your site. 

How do digital flipbooks work?

Digital flipbooks are created with a digital publishing software program like PageTurnPro that converts PDFs into digital versions that look just like the original document. When a person clicks on the link for your flipbook, they’ll see all of its pages just as if they are reading from a traditional paper printed publication.

The process of creating digital flipbooks with a user-friendly software program like PageTurnPro is very easy. Just upload the PDF file and see it happening. Customize like the way you want and then share it freely on multiple platforms.

What are the advantages of digital flipbooks?

Digital flipbooks are a modern, engaging way of presenting your paper documents to the intended audience. They can be accessed through any device, anywhere and at any time. This makes them very convenient and they are also easy to create. Below are 5 advantages of using flipbooks for your business:

  1. Flipbooks in the form of catalogs or brochures are easy to share with prospective clients without having to send out physical copies via mail or email attachments which may not always make it past spam filters due to its large file size (and will clog up their inbox).
  2.  You will save the printing costs and you can distribute online content in real-time – this means that you can publish an article instantly without having to wait for it to print out first! You’ll also save money on paper usage which is great news if you’re trying to go green!
  3. When you use a digital flipbook, you can be sure that your content will be completely responsive for all devices, so anyone can read your content from anywhere and anytime.
  4. You can embed lead capture forms so as to capture leads right within your flipbook. Further, you can integrate shopping carts into your flipbooks.
  5. You can personalize the look and feel of your flipbooks that goes in line with your brand. You can play with colors and add your company logo. You can also secure your flipbook with a username/password and manage its access. Further, with marketing and analytics tools like Google Analytics, Hubspot, and Act-On, you can enhance your marketing game.