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How do you stay top of mind with your clients? For starters, you need to be where your audience is and PageTurnPro can help with that.

By 2014, more than 50% of the web traffic will come from mobile devices. In addition, the iPad revolution is rapidly making the tablet devices the common choice for reading, browsing and shopping. Publishers and advertisers alike need to incorporate the mobile and tablet device channel into their content distribution plan.

PageTurnPro can deliver your digital publications to tablet devices in multiple ways:

  • HTML5 versions. work on all tablets with pinch zoom, swipe and home icons. With a full complement of features including page-flipping, video integration, ad-placements, sharing and social bookmarking, the HTML5 version is now included free with any PageTurnPro subscription.

  • Digital Publisher for the iPad. You can elect to have your own custom iPad app to distribute and deliver any and all of your PageTurnPro publications. Your users can find and download the app from the Apple App Store. For a small annual fee, PageTurnPro team will continue to upgrade and maintain compatibility of your app with updates to the iOS versions and features. Of course your embedded videos, links, search, sharing/social-bookmarking, ad-placements, and push notifications are included in this version. The Digital Publisher for the Android and Windows tablets is coming soon.

  • Newsstand Publisher for the iPad. We can also deliver you paid subscriptions through your own custom app into the Apple Newsstand. All you have to do is set the subscription pricing for single issue or subscription periods and that’s it. The subscription revenue will be deposited directly into your bank account. As in the case of the digital publisher, PageTurnPro will continue to upgrade and maintain compatibility of your Newsstand app with updates to the iOS versions and features.

  • Integrated App. for News Publishers is a visually compelling and highly functional app designed to provide the latest information from your web site as well as the digital editions of your publications. You may decide what to lock down and what will be free.
Getting your app published into the Apple Newsstand or in the App store is simple, fast and economic. Most of our clients can get their apps into the apple app store within 2-3 weeks of deciding to go for it.

The app price begins at $595 per year.
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