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Digital Magazine What is a digital magazine? A digital magazine is an online publication that might be a digital version of a print magazine or it might be a magazine that was created specifically for the Internet.

Digital magazines are becoming increasingly popular among publishers and readers for a variety of reasons. First, publishers can save printing and postage costs by publishing a digital magazine instead of a print magazine or by simply replacing part of its print run with the digital publication. Second, publishers are able to reach a whole new audience by distributing or making available their digital magazine to the online world. Finally, publishers can make more money by selling such things as circulation, ads, videos and surveys in their digital magazine. In short, the upside of digital magazines is huge for the publisher.

Users are awarded with an entirely new and unique experience every time they open a digital magazine. Rather than looking at the flat, featureless appearance of a PDF file, users can participate in an interactive experience with a digital magazine. Pages come to life as they turn, links make navigation fast and searches turn the digital magazine into a research tool. Users can jet in and out of advertiser Web pages, complete surveys and watch videos - all without ever leaving the digital magazine!

The best part, of course, is the options available for publishers to create digital publications without much cost, time or effort. In fact, using PageTurnPro (, publishers can create a digital magazine in just a few minutes, embed it in their own site and/or e-mail it to their database. There are no special programs required; the digital magazine will be created on the PageTurnPro site and it will reside on the PageTurnPro server. Publishers simply enjoy the added traffic on their site, the potential to up-sell print advertisers or to sell new ads and features. And, of course, they will be providing a great new product to their readers.

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