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PageTurnPro offers clients an easy and affordable solution for all their digital publishing needs. In just a few clicks of the mouse, our clients can turn their static, print-ready PDF files into life-like flipbooks/flash books/digital books with all the advantages of search, zoom, hot linking and other interactive features that are unavailable to readers in their printed versions.

Our clients are spread out across a variety of industries which range from small businesses and universities to enterprise-level publishers and corporations. Those clients have used the PageTurnPro digital publishing solution to create thousands of digital magazines (sometimes referred to as e-magazines or flash magazines), digital catalogs and other forms of online-based publications. And while our solution puts you in control of your digital publication, we also offer a wide range of custom services to match any unique functional or design need you may require.

We invite you to take a look at a few of our client examples below and see how PageTurnPro turned their print-based materials into beautiful digital publications. For more information or to request a FREE trial, call: 1-888-270-7675.

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  • Users view approximately 20 pages in an average user session
  • Video and animation are 2-4 times more engaging that static web content
  • 60% of the viewers expect video to be a part of their web experience
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